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Aerojib - Fixed Arm Jib

Aerojib - Fixed Arm Jib

The Aerojib is the gold-standard for fixed-arm jibs. Modular builds allow the crane to be built from 4'-5" to 9’-8"(Distance from the fulcrum to center of Mitchell mount.) Mounts on a standard Mitchell or Euro/Elemac. Four-way leveling head included. Max camera package payload is 110lbs at any length.


Pair it with our Lambda head for underslung or overslung use. Pair it with our Movi XL for stabilized remote pan, tilt and roll. The crane uses any secure Mitchell platform as a base. Run it on a Chapman or Fisher dolly on the nose or center-post kit.


Treefort also offers 2 mobile base options. Simple to build safely in less than 15 minutes. Includes rolling case, weights and weight cart.


The Aerojib has three different case options - see the dimensions for the largest case option below.


Aerojib Case:

29 1/4" L x 31" W x 54 1/4" H


Aerojib Weight Cart:

14 1/2" x 12" W x 52 1/2" H


Total Weight of Aerojib w/ Single Case:

382 lbs. (excluding counter weights)

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