Modern Camera Slider - 2'

Modern Camera Slider - 2'

There is a reason operators love this slider kit. You'll feel it the first time you go to rehearse your camera move. This is the latest Gen-III version of the Modern Studio Slider and includes everything you need. This works with bowl-mount fluid heads (75, 100 or 150) as well as Mitchell mount heads.


What's Included:

  • Modern Camera Slider - 2'
  • Ball Mount - 75mm
  • Ball Mount - 100mm
  • Ball Mount - 150mm
  • Custom Road Case with wheels - 2'


More Information:

  • Design: Beautiful, sustainable and modular design. Modern Studio Equipment sliders are completely handcrafted by skilled machinists out of aircraft grade aluminum. It remains lightweight and durable and the multi-hole design is a take on their trademark cheeseplate layout. 3/8-16 Threaded holes every six inches on all sides allow the attachment of baby pins or nuts and bolts to help you achieve the shot you need.
  • Rotating Mitchell Base: This slider comes with the ability to rotate the Mitchell base 360 degrees continuously. The thumb lock is simpl