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Modern Camera Slider - 2'

Modern Camera Slider - 2'

There is a reason operators love this slider kit. You'll feel it the first time you go to rehearse your camera move. This is the latest Gen-III version of the Modern Studio Slider and includes everything you need. This works with bowl-mount fluid heads (75, 100 or 150) as well as Mitchell mount heads.


What's Included:

  • Modern Camera Slider - 2'
  • Ball Mount - 75mm
  • Ball Mount - 100mm
  • Ball Mount - 150mm
  • Custom Road Case with wheels - 2'


More Information:

  • Design: Beautiful, sustainable and modular design. Modern Studio Equipment sliders are completely handcrafted by skilled machinists out of aircraft grade aluminum. It remains lightweight and durable and the multi-hole design is a take on their trademark cheeseplate layout. 3/8-16 Threaded holes every six inches on all sides allow the attachment of baby pins or nuts and bolts to help you achieve the shot you need.
  • Rotating Mitchell Base: This slider comes with the ability to rotate the Mitchell base 360 degrees continuously. The thumb lock is simple and easy to use, letting you reposition on the fly. Each slider comes with the famous Modern Castle Nut. If you’re doing tabletop or ultra-low shots, the Mitchell base can be removed in a snap with four screws giving you a completely smooth slider bottom.
  • Adjustable Stops: The slider is fitted with two easily adjustable end stops that make for simple repeatability and added safety. A thumbscrew flies it into place or out of the way with ease while a spring loaded damper won’t cause any problems with your wireless adjustment systems as magnets might.
  • Feathered Braking: Maybe you have a shot that requires a small move followed by a lock off in the final position. Or a shot that requires variable sliding speeds. Either can be done with any slider, but with Modern’s rubber brake and large thumbscrew you can lock off and feather your move while you’re rolling.
  • Tilting Mitchell Plate: In order to achieve the lowest possible profile, we introduced a tilt plate that allows the easy attachment of any Mitchell head. The tilt plate also provides a 90 degree angle when you need that shot. If you fear the tilt plate, just back out the two screws that we include in the black riser posts and screw them into the countersunk holes on the Mitchell plate.

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