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Cinemilled Back Seat Headrest – Dual Seat Kit

Cinemilled Back Seat Headrest – Dual Seat Kit

Need a solid setup for your camera car monitor setup? The CineMilled Back seat headrest mount kit. Full control, what you need, where you want it!


All the parts you need to setup one control station, add monitors and connect both seats together in the back seat of any vehicle with headrest posts. Connecting the 2 seats together gives you a solid and modular solution for all your monitor needs.


Mount monitors and more anywhere along the speedrail. Have the control device and monitors you want in any position you desire. Focus on the shot, focus on the creative by mounting multiple monitors in multiple locations. Now the inside of any vehicle can function and look as professional as the cameras and images you are creating.



(1) Universal Headrest Mount

(1) Hex Cheeseplate & Standoffs

(2) Rigging Rod 5/8 x 10 in.

(2) Rigging Rod 5/8 x 7 in.

(1) Rigging Rod 5/8 x 33 in.

(1) 360° Houdini Speedrail Rod Clamp 5/8 to 1-1/4 in.

(1) Black Anodized Speedrail 4 ft. x 1-1/4 in.

(2) Houdini Speedrail Clamp 1-1/4 in. – (Male)

(2) 360° Houdini Rod Clamp 5/8 in.

(4) Rigging Rod Clamp 5/8 in.


Tons accessories available to add! Great for MotoCrane, Black Arm, RayRig or any camera car. Ask us about more options!

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