Intel-A-Jib Pro Crane with Mitchell Tripod Base

Intel-A-Jib Pro Crane with Mitchell Tripod Base

Whatever camera package you're using, the Intel-A-Jib Pro Variable Length Jib Arm is designed to handle them all. Ideal for today's fast paced production environment and intelligently engineered to deliver exceptional stability, portability and efficiency.


The Intel-A-Jib Pro camera crane offers a set-up time of only five minutes without tools and the ability to be set up in a true six or ten foot reach. Available with standard Mitchell mount or bowl adaptor (75mm, 100mm or 150mm) mounting options. Compatible with virtually all remote head systems including Movi, Ronin Arri SRH and more.


You can find setup instructions for the Intel-A-Jib Pro here.


  • Set-up Time: 2 min.
  • Min. Reach: True 6 ft.
  • Max. Reach: True 10 ft.
  • Weight: 65 lbs. with extension for 10' reach
  • Max Payload (Camera Package) Capacity: 120 lbs. at 6ft. / 80 lbs. at 10 ft.
  • Mounting Requirements: Dolly or tripod
  • Camera Mounting: Over or under Mitchell mount
  • Construction: Machined/extruded aluminum, stainless steel
  • Counterweight Ratio: 1.8:1 @ 6 ft; 3:1 @ 10 ft.
  • Counterweight Style: Standard 1 in. barbell
  • Fine Tuning Weight in Tail Section
  • Tilt Brake and Pan Break
  • Camera Platform Level Adjustment
  • High Visibility Dual Bubble Levels
  • Fits in Two Manageable Cases
  • No. of Arm Sections: One (1) for 6 ft. reach; Two (2) for 10 ft. reach.
  • Overall Assembled Length: 116 in. at 6 ft. reach; 165 in. at 10 ft. reach



(1) Intel-A-Jib Pro

(2) Cases

(1) Tripod - Mitchell Mount Jib Base w/ Case

(1) Mitchell 4-Way Leveling Head

(1) Jib Weight Kit - 160 lbs:

(2) Jib Counter Weight - 25 lbs

(8) Jib Counter Weight - 10 lbs

(4) Jib Counter Weight - 5 lbs

(4) Jib Counter Weight - 2.5 lbs

(1) Hand Truck

(1) Milk Crate

(1) Ratchet Strap