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Flowcine Black Arm 3-Axis Dampening System & Tranquilizer

Black Arm Complete Kit:

The Black arm is a 3-axis dampening system with a additional vibration mount for stabilizing roll and tilt errors as well as vertical motion and vibrations. The Black arm is a hardmount system, made for gimbals, that you want to mount on vehicles such as cars, ATVs, boats, snowmobiles etc.


We carry the Black Arm Complete kit, for filmmakers working with higher payloads and carries between 11-70lbs. The kit includes four 7.0mm springs and four 7.5mm springs, that takes the entire range of 11-70lbs. You can use the springs in single (one spring on each side) or dual (two springs on each side) configuration, to precisely achieve the lift needed.


The damping action of all axes, vertical, tilt and roll is created by custom-made actuator hydraulic dampers that are fully adjustable. You adjust the damping with a knob that has 22 steps, to precisely dial in the exact amount of damping you need for your shot. Our kit includes a total of six dampers, allowing for dual dampers on each axis if needed, or as spares.


Tranquilizer - Vibration Isolator

The Flowcine Tranquilizer is the next generation of vibration isolators, specifically designed around the geometry of an electronic gimbal device.


The Flowcine Tranquilizer has been carefully built from the ground up to meet the following criteria:

  • Small in size
  • This vibration isolator is great for both large and small payloads
  • Stabilize lighter gimbals with small amounts of mass
  • Reduce vibrations from the lowest possible frequency range and maximize motor torque without getting into self-oscillation, which is a common problem with wire rope isolators.


How Does It Work?

The Flowcine Tranquilizer uses custom polymers instead of wire rope. This system lets you go from different types of hardness and amount of polymers, that allows for perfect tweaking of your setup weight, allowing the Tranquilizer to work optimally. Our kit includes three sets of polymers, shore 30, shore 40, and shore 50. We can help you choose which set is right for your use.


The Tranquilizer also includes the Flowcine Passive plates. These add more mass to the system and lets you dial in the perfect weight and also makes a huge difference compensating incoming hard shocks. These are very easy to add and remove on the fly, while your gimbal is already attached to the system. Eight passive plates are included in the package, enabling you to add just over 11 lbs to the Tranquilizer.


To reduce the problem with when the pan motor goes into self-oscillation, the system has been designed to reduce a great deal of incoming vibrations, while at the same time keeping the gimbal in check from jittering around the pan axis. This allows you to tune your gimbal/gyrohead with the highest possible pan motor torque settings and the result will be a head that handles high speeds, wind, and other dynamics when shooting from vehicles better.


All in all, the Tranquilizer is a huge step forward to help you produce the smoothest footage on the planet.


What's Included:

  • 6) Dampeners
  • 4) Springs - 7.0mm
  • 4) Springs - 7.5mm
  • 3) Metric Ratchet
  • 1) Case
  • 1) AVM - Tranquilizer
  • 1) Black Arm Mitchel Mount
  • 1) Black Arm Block Extension - 300mm