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Moviebird 35/45 Telescoping Crane

The Moviebird 35/45 is a versatile telescopic crane that is a go-to piece of camera equipment for Film, Episodic and Broadcast TV, Sporting Events, and Concerts. For heavy film and cinema packages it operates with a maximum extension of 35 feet and can be quickly adjusted to 45 feet for lighter-weight remote head / camera packages. It is transported by its own custom trailer which also contains 48' of dolly track and covers for rain or snow.


We offer multiple options for remote heads, but generally run our MoVI XL package. Together, the telescoping crane and 3-axis stabilized head offer some of the most dynamic shots possible. 



  • Custom Trailer for Transportation
  • 48' Dolly Drack
  • Covers for Rain or Snow


Extended Reach From Post: 35’ – 45’
Retracted Reach From Post: 8’2”
Rear Length From Post: 7’9”
Max Lens Height Underslung: 40’
Max Lens Height Overslung: 43’
Base Width: 60"
Minimum Clearance: 6’6”
Telescopic Range: 36’5”
Max Nose Load / Underslung: 118lbs / 45’
Max Nose Load / Overslung: 80 lbs
Max Speed: 6’6” per second
Total Weight Including Payload & Counterweights: 4,225 lbs
Empty Crane Weight: 1,860 lbs
Empty Arm Weight: 1,240 lbs

    Our equipment is offered for daily, weekly or run-or-show rentals.


    We’re happy to teach anyone how to use the gear and look forward to sharing our experience!


    Feel free to reach out and we can help you find the right tool for your production. We’re excited to help you bring your project to life.

    Proudly serving the entertainment industry, Treefort Entertainment is based in Los Angeles, California. (About halfway between Mexico & San Francisco.)

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