Super Aerojib

Super Aerojib

The Super Aerojib is over-engineered and over delivers. Based on the same platform as the larger Aerocrane, the Super Aerojib commands a special place in filmmaking as an incredible fixed-arm jib.


Modular builds allow the crane to be assembled from 6’3” to 16’. Paired with our Moviebird mobile base, the lens height can sweep from 21’ in the air to 6’ below the deck.


Pair it with our XL stabilized remote head for pan, tilt and roll in underslung or overslung mode. Equipped with a Mitchell Mount nose, you can also use your own remote head.


The crane uses any secure Mitchell platform as a base. Run it on a Chapman or Fisher dolly on the center-post kit. Treefort recommends our Moviebird base as a mobile platform.


Simple to build safely in less than 20 minutes. Includes rolling case, weights and weight carts. You’ll need a stake bed or box truck with a liftgate to transport this safely.


Super Aerojib Case Dimensions:

0" W x 58.5" L x 46" H



Max camera package payload is 180lbs in any configuration.