Mobile Jib Base

Mobile Jib Base

Treefort’s Mobile Base is a flexible way to move jibs and cranes around on location with ease. Keep the payload on and reposition the base quickly. Pair this base with our Aerojib or Intel-A-Jib for dynamic camera moves.


Permanently-mounted leveling jacks allow you to level the base safely on uneven terrain. 


Treefort offers the base pre-configured with a Mitchell Mount 4-way leveling head.


Custom track wheel assemblies allow for the base to be used on traditional 24.5” dolly track. A 1” bar in the post is used to stow unused jib counterweights during your shoot.


Footprint is 42” x 52”. Height is 54” to the top of the Mitchell riser.


You’ll want a stake bed or box truck with a liftgate to transport this easily, but it can be broken down to fit in a pickup truck or van.


Payload Capacity:

600 lbs